WestJet MasterCard World Elite Review

4.5 / 5

At a Glance

  • A gift for WestJet travelers
  • Save hundreds with vouchers
  • 1.5-2% point earn rate on all card spending


  • $250 voucher upon activation
  • One annual companion travel voucher discount
  • Free baggage for you and all your companions


  • $119 annual Fee
  • $80k personal income requirement
  • Bonus offers are available for a limited time

Up to $450 Cash Voucher for Flights

WestJet MasterCard World Elite Review Review

If you are ok with limiting your flying to WestJet, this card provides immediate, best in travel category value. The welcome bonus of $250 WestJet dollars can be used as cash on any flight, and the first checked bag is reduced from $25-$30 to FREE, for you and up to eight travel companions. (Never mind it is a disgrace that Canadian airlines charge for your first checked bag in the first place, this is the world in which we live). Earn another $200, only applicable after you spend $5,000 within three months.

What are WestJet Dollars?

WestJet credit card review

WestJet dollars function the same as good old cash money, and can be used on any flight you fancy, no silly tricks hidden in the Ts and Cs. To top it off, you get an annual companion voucher which can be used for your husband/wife/lover anywhere WestJet flies!

Which Round-Trip Destinations Apply to WestJet Dollars?

  • $119 for Canada and continental United States
  • $399 for the rest of the WestJet network

What Insurance Does This Card Offer?

Add to that a substantial insurance package which includes travel medical, trip interruption and car rental insurance and you’ve got quite the value included in the annual $119 fee – and that is before factoring in:

  • 1.5 WestJet Dollars on any purchase;
  • 2% WestJet Dollars when you buy flights

One and a half percent is fine for standard purchases, and the 2% on WestJet spend is very good – and please remember, for many of your travel insurance perks to kick in you will need to use the card to purchase flights in any event.

But lo! You can actually double dip when purchasing flights with your card! You get the 2% for using your Rewards World Elite Mastercard and another 2% when you enter your rewards ID when booking the flight. Boom!

Do I Qualify?

Get approved with a $80,000 annual income or household of $150k.
Make a purchase, any purchase and save big on your next getaway.

Let’s Take the WestJet World Elite Out For a Spin

Using a random flight booking – honestly, this is entirely random – perhaps we can best illustrate the overall value packed into this smart little card.

We picked the lowest priced round trip tickets to Miami from Toronto, which finds us leaving Pearson national on Tuesday the 28th of February and returning home on the 14th of March.


Without CardBase CostTax and FeesBaggage CheckTotal
David $298.60 $134.75 $62.95 $496.3
Partner $298.60 $134.75 $62.95 $496.3

CardBase CostTax and FeesBaggage CheckTotal
David $0 $86.46 $0 $86.46
Partner $179 $86.46 $0 $266.06


Someone, please pinch me, I must be dreaming. Or have I been lied to all these years by those insisting there is no such thing as something for nothing? And yet we look at the numbers…

  • We just saved $640 on our imaginary romantic getaway? Yep.
  • Not including the free insurance? Indeed.
  • And this is all for $119? You betcha!


Of course, the $250 free is only for year one and the $119 is for each and every year. However, even if you never were to use the card for any purchases, you would still get big savings on the same flight next year. And assuming you can stick $1,400 on charges on the card each month (groceries, gas and bills should take a decent chunk out of that amount) you can replicate our random flight scenario each and every year.

Ease of Redemption

It is quite simple to book a straightforward return flight; if your desired flight originates outside of Canada, or has a different return city, you will need to contact WestJet directly. There is a $50 WestJet dollar minimum, which is pretty average for the market. 

Insurance TypeBenefit
Emergency Medical Insurance Fifteen consecutive days of each trip up to 65 years, three consecutive days 65+
Trip interruption Covers non-refundable travel arrangements and transportation (up to $5,000 per insured person) should your trip be interrupted / delayed
Rental theft and damage Covered for cash value of rental car in the case of damage or theft.
Lost Baggage $500 per person for lost/stolen luggage
Flight Delay Use the card to charge your ticket and you are eligible to receive up to $5,000 coverage per person for lodging expenses, food, etc. due to flights delayed over four hours.

Nice, average travel insurance package. The big miss, in our opinion, is the lack of travel cancellation, which would make this card absolutely dominate the family travel demographic. WestJet? Can you hear me?

Additional Bits and Bobs

The card is protected against identity theft and has limited purchase protection, offering a reimbursement on purchases if a lower price is found within 60 days.

WestJet card holders receive a discount slightly north of 3¢/L on fuel from Petrol-Canada, as well as an additional 20% in petrol points. Those points are worth roughly 0.5% on spend (unless you are a super big Petrol Canada customer), so that 20% extra points, so this additional 20% gets you .1% back. Long story short, if you use your WestJet card at Petrol-Canada you get roughly 2.6% back, as well as your standard 1.5% in West Jet Dollars. This makes WestJet an excellent petrol card.

Is WestJet Credit Card Worth it?

In terms of value, it’s one of the best in the travel credit card market, hands down.
Stunning savings for you and your entire travel entourage can be had on each and every trip with WestJet – as shown above, it is reasonable to expect a savings of over $500 on your first flight for two after signing up for the card, which more than offsets the $119 annual fee.

If you are ok with limiting your flights to WestJet, then this card is pure travel gold. Apply now and get immediate savings on your next vacation!

Up to $450 Cash Voucher for Flights

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  1. This is an interesting question. While the terms and conditions clearly state the minimum threshold, there have been reports of Canadians getting the WestJet RBC World Elite with a lower income. It’s possible that a strong credit history or exceptions can be made. It’s not guaranteed or even recommended because it can be very timely to discuss these types of exceptions.

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