TD Aeroplan Infinite Privilege

3.9 / 5

At a Glance

  • Big earn rate for every purchase
  • Get VIP perks when traveling
  • Travel insurance has you covered


  • Earn 1.5 miles for gas, groceries and drug store purchases
  • Earn 1.25 on every purchase
  • Card covers taxes or surcharges for flight fees


  • Annual fee
  • 19.99% interest
  • Additional cards $99

Up to 25,000 Aeroplan Welcome Bonus Miles

TD Aeroplan Infinite Privilege Review

Three things about the TD Infinite Privilege really jump out of the screen at you:

  1. An annual price tag of $399
  2. A household income requirement of $200,000
  3. Welcome bonus worth as much as 50,000 Aeroplan points.

Assuming you tick off the $200,000 box, is this card $280 better than the Standard TD Infinite card?
Spoiler: If you place a premium on airport convenience and comfort and/or you plan to buy a business class ticket for a companion at some point this year then yes, this is an appropriate amount extra for you to pay.
Otherwise, stop now and check out the Standard TD Infinite, which itself is an excellent card.

Welcome Bonus

50,000 Aeroplan points is a ton. New card holders get 25,000 points on first purchase, 25,000 after $2,000 in spend within 90 days. So yeah, a boatload. On the standard Infinite Visa, you get 25,000 points however, split 15,000/10,000. So the difference here is 25,000 points at an annual fee difference of $280.
So what accounts for that extra $280? Let us see.

Earn Rate

Card Grocery, Gas, Drugstore, Air CanadaAll Other PurchasesDouble Earned Miles
Infinite Privilege 1.5 points per $1 1.25 points per $1 Participating retailers and from the Aeroplan store
Infinite 1.5 miles per $1 1 point per $1 Participating retailers and from the Aeroplan store

So the difference here is .25 points per dollar in spend on the “everything else” category. A 25% point earning boost is significant, is that worth an extra $280?

Insurance and Payment Protection

The insurance and purchase protections are improved on the privilege, most significantly when it comes to the medical insurance package, in which the maximum spend is increased. The rest of the improvements are, in our opinion, simply nice to have.

Insurance TypePrivilegeStandard Infinite
Emergency Medical Insurance $5M upon approval 22 consecutive days, 65+ only four consecutive, spouse and children covered. $1M upon approval 21 consecutive days, four consecutive for 65+, family coverage.
Trip Cancellation $2,500 per insured person per trip $5,000 total per covered trip for all persons on the same covered trip Same
Trip Interruption $5,000 per insured person + $25,000 covered per trip for all that are insured on the trip.
Rental Theft and Damage 48 days consecutive collision/theft coverage. Card usage required. Rental agency collision waiver must be declined. Same
Lost or Delayed Baggage If delayed, $1,000 per person if delayed more than four hours. If lost, up to $2,500 per person. Card usage required. $1,000 per person on delays of six or more hours. Each person covered for lost luggage as well. Card usage required.
Trip Delay Up to $1,000 per family member for hotel stays and food after four hour delay. Card usage required. Up to $500 per family member for hotel stays and food after four hour delay. Card usage required.
Travel Accident $500,000 coverage for you, spouse and dependent children in any carrier. Card usage required. Same
Purchase Insurance 120 days insurance for lost, stolen or damaged items 90 days for lost, stolen or damaged.
Extended Warranty Up to an additional two years Up to an additional year

Did Someone Say VIP Treatment?

OK, this is basically where we notice the differences that account for the annual fee gap. You get some really nice perks as an infinite privilege card holder.

Perk Infinite PrivilegeInfinite
Vehicle fast track Dedicated spots closer to the terminal, express lane usage, parking discounts, and valet at some Canadian airports. NA
Security line bypass You get to wait in much quicker and shorter VIP security lines . NA
Priority checkin and boarding Yes. Include your Aeroplan # when booking reservation or redeem Aeroplan flight rewards. Included. Only when using Aeroplan flight rewards.
Lounge access Priority pass membership and six complimentary passes; four annual passes at maple leaf lounges. One complimentary pass at maple leaf.
Companion discounts Once annual 50% discount on Air Canada business class. NA
Complimentary bag check Yes, Air Canada. Include your Aeroplan # when booking reservation or redeem Aeroplan flight rewards. Yes, Air Canada. Only when using Aeroplan flight rewards.

There are additional lifestyle benefits, some of which are exclusive to privilege:

  • Access to top hotels and dining experiences – available on both cards;
  • Access to Infinite concierge – available on both cards
  • VIP treatment – privilege exclusive;
  • Six worldwide complimentary priority pass lounge access – privilege exclusive (value – $261);

Closing Balance

So, is the privilege worth the $280 extra over the Standard Infinite? Depends how much you value airport convenience and comfort. It may very well make sense to pay $399 annually considering the lounge access package at priority pass alone would cost you $261 retail. And if you are planning on springing for a companion’s business class ticket at some point in a given year? Then for sure this card more than pays for itself. Everything else is just gravy – including the massive point bonus, the slight bump in earn rate, and of course all the juicy VIP benefits at the airport.

RankCredit CardBonusRatingApply
1 TD Aeroplan Visa infinite Privilege review Up to 25,000 Aeroplan Welcome Bonus Miles Apply Now

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