Stack Prepaid Mastercard

4.5 / 5

At a Glance

  • Foreign exchange savings
  • No credit check
  • Transfer Stack for free


  • No Foreign Exchange or ATM withdrawal fees
  • Zero Liability Protection
  • Anybody can get a Stack Card!


  • Rewards program is not really necessary, but as long as Stack has it they could have more offers available

Zero FX + Zero Liability

Stack Prepaid Mastercard Review

Big ups to Stack for their recent launch of a prepaid Mastercard that is arguably the best in Canada. You get no monthly fees, no ATM withdrawal charges, and no foreign transaction fees, making this a pretty big no-brainer for anyone in the market for prepaid cards.

The Stack Mastercard is ideal when traveling, as you can load cash into the Stack app and then spend and withdraw it like cash when abroad – without ATM or transaction fees! I don’t think any other card can boast such an excellent feature.

As an additional benefit, the Stack card offers various rewards and consumer protections like Zero Liability for unauthorized charges, a big plus for travelers. Very smart.

Stack has bigger ambitions than becoming a superior alternative to cash when traveling –

Indeed, their app store description begins with the words: “STOP BANKING. STACK is the future of money”. Big words, and whether or not that is the case is yet to be seen. Regardless, stack has developed an excellent application that is arguably the best prepaid card in the Canadian market, and offers a bunch of additional added value as well.

To Take a Glimpse of The Future, Look to The Past

No really. Stack initially launched as the platform to buy, sell, and accept the STK token, a cryptocurrency meant to provide instant mobile to mobile transactions. The vision was to create a seamless economy in which STK tokens facilitated a fast, fee-free, and KYC-free method of commerce. They raised $17M in an initial coin offering back in December of 2017, and have since pivoted to focus on the development of the Stack app, whilst working to achieve the same concept – minus the KYC-free part.


Stack makes an effort to provide cash back on purchases at participating retailers. Twitch users get $20 cash back when spending $20 or more on twitch – so if you are a twitcher, it is really worth your time to get yourself a stack card. Stack is always working to integrate new offers. As of press time, users will get, for instance, $2 cash back on you next visit to starbucks when the card is used there. There are additional offers at Tim Hortons, Booster Juice, and Foodora, as well as a few others.



Looking for an easy way to save a bit? Stack offers users the ability to “round up” their purchases to the nearest $1, $2, or $10, depositing the change into a savings account. Rather than having that virtual change jingle around in your pocket, learn the power of gradual savings!

Financial IQ

Stack will automatically categorize and tally your spending, so you know where you are spending, when you are spending, and how you are spending. Knowing is half the battle, and saving is much easier when you recognize your where you are splurging – perhaps it is those late night burritos, maybe you need to stay home an extra night from the bars. Whatever it is, with Stack’s financial IQ, you may at least make informed decisions about budgeting.

Free Transfers Between Stack Users

Wiring money between banks costs too much. With Stack, you can transfer cash to other Stack users for free. Don’t know any stack users? Well, if you owe money to someone, have them open an account, get a $5 reward from slack for referring your friend, and then eliminate your transfer fee. Two birds with one stone.

Bottom Line

Stack offers a prepaid card that has no foreign exchange fees, no ATM fees, and no monthly fees. Add to this the zero liability protection, and you have a perfect travel prepaid Mastercard. Additionally, Stack offers a number of nice to have perks including various cashback reward offers, budgeting tools and analytics, free transfers to other Stack users, and an app-based dashboard to manage everything. A+!

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