AMEX Gold Rewards

4.6 / 5

At a Glance

  • Ease of redemption
  • Excellent minimum redemption: $10


  • 25,000 points ($250 value) welcome bonus
  • Excellent flexibility in point redemption
  • Undercover best Aeroplan card


  • AMEX expensive for merchants and so not accepted everywhere

25,000 Points Welcome Points

AMEX Gold Rewards Review

A Travel Card with Superior Value and Flexibility

The Amex Gold Canada

The AMEX Rewards Gold card is nothing if not two things: 1) arguably the best card in the Canadian credit card market and 2) oft-misunderstood.

It’s superior value comes from a combination of a 25,000 point ($250) welcome bonus with a first-year fee waiver; exceptional flexibility, with the option of transferring points to any number of frequent flyer programs and a 2% earn rate on a very large number of popular spending categories.

It is oft-misunderstood because it is actually one of Canada’s best travel cards despite the neutral name, and the ability to transfer points, which is presented at an afterthought, represents massive value.

Sign up Bonus

The 25,000 points require $1,500 in spend within three months of activation – perhaps a stretch for some, but with a bit of planning should be doable. Those 25,000 points can be used as credit against any travel expense on your statement – so expedia bookings, hotels and rental cars all fit the bill.



What is great about the AMEX is the choices offered in points redemption. Any travel related expense charged on the card can be paid for with AMEX points, which simply offset the cost directly on your statement. So go on and use expedia or directly with whichever airline you would like! Or use the points against car rental or hotel, whatever your fancy.

Point Earning

There are a number of popular categories which earn two points per dollar spent, an effective rate of 2%.

Gas Stations, Grocers, DrugstoresFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Travel PackagesEverything Else
Points per dollar 2 2 1

Ease of Redemption

All travel purchases are eligible for redemption. AMEX allows a super low redemption floor – 1,000 points, a $10 value, meaning customers need not be overly concerned that a substantial amount of points will go unused. And of course, there is no minimum on point transfer amounts – no need to lose leftover points; they may always be transferred to the frequent flyer program of your choice.


Travel credit cards are meant to be packaged with a good part of the insurance that travelers will be after, and AMEX gold does not disappoint:

Emergency Medical Insurance Up to $5M, first 15 consecutive days of each trip, up to 65 years
Trip interruption Covers non-refundable travel arrangements and transportation (up to $1,500 per insured person) should your trip be interrupted / delayed
Rental theft and damage Covered for “lost damage waiver” when you use the AMEX Gold card to rent. Coverage up to $85k damage on the car.
Lost Baggage Charge a flight on your card and you are covered up to $500 per person for lost/stolen luggage
Flight Delay Use the card to charge your ticket and you will receive up to $500 coverage for lodging expenses, food, etc. needed due to flights delayed over four hours.

Bits and Bobs

The AMEX Gold Rewards has excellent benefits for shoppers. AMEX will double the manufacturer’s warranty on purchased items up to an additional year, and eligible purchases are insured against damage and theft without registration! Just use your Gold card when making purchases.

Closing Balance

Two-hundred and fifty dollars in rewards value with an annual fee of $150, superior flexibility in point redemption, and one of the best earn rates in the market make the AMEX Gold Rewards card one of the top choices in the Canadian credit card market.

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25,000 Points Welcome Points
Card Type Charge
Annual Fee $150
Supplementary Card Fee $50 (1 Free Supplementary Gold Rewards Card)
Purchase Regular APR N/A
Late Fee $25*
Penalty APR 30%**
Welcome Bonus - conditions apply Earn 25,000 Membership Rewards® points

Charge $1,500 within three months

Eligibility - conditions apply Canadian residents with a Canadian credit file

Age of majority in the province or territory you reside


*American Express is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of information on this website. For full details and current product information click the Apply now link.

**As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full. Payments must be received and processed by the date of the next monthly statement to avoid interest charges.

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      Loving Goliath, very honored you frequent the site. Yeah, good question. Points will be honored, and Air Canada maintains they very much want to keep AMEX on the program. As the acquiring consortium includes CIBC, TD, and Visa along with Air Canada, we are not 100% confident AMEX will be with the program, but stay tuned.

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