AMEX Air Miles Platinum

3 / 5

At a Glance

  • Great sign-up bonus
  • High earn rate for rewards


  • Good earn rate - $10-15 per point
  • 2,000 sign-up bonus


  • Poor insurance coverage

2,000 Point Signup Bonus

AMEX Air Miles Platinum Review

The American Express Air Miles Platinum

The AMEX Air Miles credit card fits into a very specific niche – it suits those that are ok with shelling out a $65 annual fee, but don’t hit the earning requirement for, or do not want to spend, an additional $55 to, get the BMO AirMiles World Elite. Well, for $65 the AMEX is a good Canadian Air Miles card. You get a great welcome bonus, a good-sometimes great earn rate, and modest insurance coverage. Does the $65 buy you much more than no-fee cards? Is the $55 discount against the BMO card enough to compensate? That is a tough one, we will leave it for you to decide.

The AMEX Airmiles Bonus Offer

The AMEX offers a 2000 point signup bonus good for a free flight. This is the same as the BMO card but for half the annual fee, but with the AMEX you need to spend 1,500 within the first three months for redemption.

Earn Rate

The standard 15 point earn rate is five points better than the standard rates at no-fee alternatives, and five points worse than the BMO Elite rate. However, there are a number of merchant categories at which the AMEX card earns at 10 points: gas, groceries (not Costco), drugstores, and any Air Miles merchant that accepts AMEX.



OK, so we understand that AMEX’s earn rate is not on par with BMO perhaps as a function of the special BMO-Air Miles relationship, but we are at a loss to explain the lack of insurance offered. The card comes with car rental damage and theft which is nice, but then neglects to offer anything else – no travel medical, no trip interruption/cancellation/delay, no lost baggage, etc. Unfortunately, this means that the card really should not be used to book travel, as many competitors offer travel-oriented insurance benefits when used for purchasing.

Payment Protections

AMEX offers buyers assurance, which gives a 90-day match price guarantee if purchased good go on sale, and purchase protection, 90-day coverage of lost or stolen items.

Closing Balance

With the Air Miles Platinum, you are paying $65 to get a better earn rate than standard cards. If you have insurance covered with different cards, then perhaps the AMEX might make sense. If you do not, we would have a hard time recommending this card over the BMO World Elite for an additional $55 if you are able.

2,000 Point Signup Bonus
Card Type Credit
Annual Fee $65
Supplementary Card Fee $0
Purchase Regular APR 19.99%*
Cash Advance Rate 22.99%*
Balance Transfer? Yes**
Regular Balance Transfer APR 22.99%*
Late Fee $25*
Penalty APR 23.99%-26.99%*
Welcome Bonus conditions apply Up to 2,000 AIR MILES®* Reward Miles

Charge $1,500 within three months

Eligibility - conditions apply Canadian residents with a Canadian credit file

Age of majority in the province or territory you reside


*American Express is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of information on this website. For full details and current product information click the Apply now link.

**Balance Transfer option is only available at time of online application. There is no balance transfer fee at time of application

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