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Best Travel

$250 upon card activation. A companion voucher offering an additional few hundred bucks in savings. The ~$27 bag-fee waived, for you and all your companions. Also get comprehensive travel insurance and up to 2% points on spend. This is exceptional value for current or prospective WestJet flyers. More Travel Credit Cards

Best Sign up Bonus

25,000 AMEX gold points worth $250 with a first year fee waiver! Use the points as credit against ANY travel purchase on your credit card, or transfer the points to AEROPLAN on a 1-to-1 basis.

Best Cashback

Our pick for the top free(ish) cashback card in Canada. 1.25% on all purchases, 3% cash back reward on purchases made in foregin currency AND $25 free on activation to boot. Free for the first year, free every subsequent year with a Rogers or Fido product on recurring payment. More Cashback Credit Cards

Best Balance Transfer

The True Line Mastercard from MBNA is the best balance transfer card in the market. Take advantage now as the 10 month 0% offer is ends soon. More Balance Transfer Credit Cards


We Check The Rates to Bring You The Biggest Rewards And Lowest Interest

There is exceptional value to be had in the Canadian Credit Card market. CheckRate continuously analyses and compares various cards. We value, rank and recommend based on everything from rewards, costs, and added values. Canadian credit card holders need to know the best Canadian credit cards in 2020.

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Accrued a bit of debt?

Compare low interest credit cards or balance transfer offers to get a bit of relief.

Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards compete to provide top value to potential customers in welcome giveaways and lucrative cashback, and even non-regular travelers should have an easy time hacking their way to free flights. However, do not overlook the value offered in travel insurance as well – while perhaps less glamorous, the auto rental, out-of-country medical, and other travel-associated insurances are worth hundreds of dollars, money you would likely have to spend out of pocket absent your shiny new card.

This is just a great, all around card with obvious value in terms of the reward terms and introductory bonus, not to mention pretty robust travel insurance and the all around great perks that being an American Express card holder offers.  And with a first year fee waiver?  Yeah, this one is a winner. TD’s Aeroplan card offers  up to 1.5% cash towards travel purchases and you get $50 bucks to start off every year, which mitigates the $120 fee. With the merger between Marriott and SPG this is arguably the best card out there for hotel frequenters.  You get massive value in the bonus points and annual free room, and assuming you are often in hotels – which you should be if you want this card – you get a 4% return on hotel spending. This one is a bit pricey, but if you are a traveler you get free access into hundreds of airport lounges worldwide, you get a top-notch travelers insurance package, as well as tons of additional perks which add up to a really luxurious card. This might be our top card. Everything about it just screams value. You got yourself a $200 bonus, assuming you can spend $750 in your first three months of card ownership. Your first $50,000 in spend in the gas, groceries, restaurants and entertainment categories gets you 4 points on the dollar – or 4%. And your first year’s $99 fee is waived. Nasty value right there. $75 dollars worth of points upon making your first purchase with the card. Really nice 3% savings using expedia for TD online (2% over the telephone).

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Best CashBack Credit Cards

Forget all the fancy point nonsense. Give us the certainty of a straight percentage return on spend. Yes, some cards provide different rates based on spend categories, but the important thing is ease of redemption. And the top 2020 Canadian cashback cards not only provide great rates, they compete with one another to provide the most convenient redemption experience to customers. Transparent, easy, lucrative.

Got a bit of debt which you anticipate will continue to grow a bit? You can take advantage of a 1.9% interest rate on your existing debt whilst enjoying that same rate on cash advances throughout the first 10 months of your term with RBCs Cashback Mastercard. At the same time, you’ll not go unrewarded for your spending, with 2% cashback on grocery purchases and 1% elsewhere. Nice cashback rewards on offer including 2% on recurring bills.  (who doesn’t want a 2% discount on gas, electric and rent payments??)  You get a lot of additional nice perks with the Momentum, including access to special dining experiences, car rental discounts at Avis and a few other fun things. There is a lot to love about this card.  Generally American Express and no annual fee are never in the same sentence, and yet here we are.  You’ve got 0% balance transfer for six months to give yourself a spell from any interest payments you might be making, whilst at the same time earning 2.5% cashback on eligible purchases up to $150 cash back for three months.  After that, you got a really nice 1.25% back annually with no cap, on any purchases you make.  Top this off with some nice standard insurance fees, and this one is a no brainer. Straightforward cashback card offering 4% on two popular categories, with really premium travel and purchase coverage. You also get access to Exclusive offers from Visa Infinite including dining, entertainment, travel and hotel opportunities. Another straightforward cashback card. You get 4% out of the gate in your chosen categories for three months – choose your category and timing well! – and then you can move to 2% on three chosen categories. Not too sexy, but does what it says on the tin.

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Best Balance Transfer Cards

If you have credit card debt, balance transfer cards are the most important credit cards in Canada. To entice new customers, banks are absorbing existing debt and providing reduced or interest-free windows. If you are paying more than a few percentage points in interest, please apply for one of the cards below and enjoy massive reductions in your interest payments, with almost immediate effect.

True Line is represents the best current offering in the Canadian market, with a 0% for 10 month promotion. Approved customers have 90 days to transfer their credit card balances over to the True Line Mastercard, at a 1% transfer fee. With no annual fee and a standard AIR of 12.99% after the promotional period, this is one of the top cards in the market if you have and/or anticipate carrying a balance. This deceptively awesome card offers a 10 month 1.99% promotional balance transfer offer, after which some serious Best Western rewards are there for your taking. Get 20,000 points on your first purchase, good for a night or two at primo Best Western locations across the globe. The card also offers pretty swell insurance benefits – so if you think you can manage having one card handle for both your balance transfer and day-to-day spending requirements, this is the card for you. This is a decent card if you plan to carry a balance. 12.99% continuing AIR, after a six month promotional balance transfer period at .99%, with an annual fee of just $29. If you are looking for a card that offers a continued, low interest rate on your month to month payments, check out the True Line Gold from MBNA. The 8.99% AIR is currently the lowest in the market.

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All Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Best Student Credit Cards

Great starter card if you are a student.  You get the student preferred card membership, which gets you 10-15% savings at tons of different stores, as well as an additional 1% off from the cashback program.  Excellent card for building credit, with some immediate advantages as well. Get started building towards free flights with the BMO Air Miles student card, which gives you $60 in free miles just for signing up. As an SPC card, you’ll have 10-15% discounts from 100s of popular stores – an absolute must.

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