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Best Travel

$250 upon card activation. A companion voucher offering an additional few hundred bucks in savings. The ~$27 bag-fee waived, for you and all your companions. Also get comprehensive travel insurance and up to 2% points on spend. This is exceptional value for current or prospective WestJet flyers. More Travel Credit Cards

Best Sign up Bonus

25,000 AMEX gold points worth $250 with a first year fee waiver! Use the points as credit against ANY travel purchase on your credit card, or transfer the points to AEROPLAN on a 1-to-1 basis.

Best Cashback

Our pick for the top free(ish) cashback card in Canada. 1.25% on all purchases, 3% cash back reward on purchases made in foregin currency AND $25 free on activation to boot. Free for the first year, free every subsequent year with a Rogers or Fido product on recurring payment. More Cashback Credit Cards

Best Balance Transfer

The True Line Mastercard from MBNA is the best balance transfer card in the market. Take advantage now as the 10 month 0% offer is ends soon. More Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Best Prepaid Card


We Check The Rates to Bring You The Biggest Rewards And Lowest Interest

There is exceptional value to be had in the Canadian Credit Card market. CheckRate continuously analyses and compares various cards. We value, rank and recommend based on everything from rewards, costs, and added values. Canadian credit card holders need to know the best Canadian credit cards in 2021.

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Check out our best of the best:

  1. Top travel credit cards
  2. Best cashback credit cards

Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards compete to provide top value to potential customers in welcome giveaways and lucrative cashback, and even non-regular travelers should have an easy time hacking their way to free flights. However, do not overlook the value offered in travel insurance as well – while perhaps less glamorous, the auto rental, out-of-country medical, and other travel-associated insurances are worth hundreds of dollars, money you would likely have to spend out of pocket absent your shiny new card.

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SPG vs Marriott Rewards

Update: The SPG card has been updated due to Marriott Reward merger. Compared the Marriott Premiere Visa and the AMEX SPG The Marriott team is so sure you will love…

Best Aeroplan Credit Cards

Best Aeroplan Credit Cards

Calling all Aeroplan points collectors! Signing up for a new Aeroplan credit card is the simplest and fastest way to amass an enormous number of points! We’ve got them all…

Best Air Miles BMO & AMEX

Best Air Miles Credit Cards

The Air Miles Frequent Flyer program is the largest loyalty program in Canada with over 9 million members, which makes it a bit surprising that the only two issuers competing…

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Best Balance Transfer Cards

If you have credit card debt, balance transfer cards are the most important credit cards in Canada. To entice new customers, banks are absorbing existing debt and providing reduced or interest-free windows. If you are paying more than a few percentage points in interest, please apply for one of the cards below and enjoy massive reductions in your interest payments, with almost immediate effect.

All Balance Transfer Credit Cards

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Best Low Interest Credit Card Rates

While lacking the glamour of reward cards, low interest credit card rates offer the best value for customers that have a bit of red on their statements from time to…

Best foreign exchange credit cards

Best Foreign Exchange Cards

If you often travel outside of Canada or if you are an online-shopping aficionado, picking the best foreign exchange credit card is essential. Most credit cards in Canada add a…

Top cards with no annual fees

Best No Annual Fee Cards

The credit card market in Canada is fiercely fought over, and more and more premium offerings have resorted to nixing annual fees in the hopes of winning a permanent slot…

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Best CashBack Credit Cards

Forget all the fancy point nonsense. Give us the certainty of a straight percentage return on spend. Yes, some cards provide different rates based on spend categories, but the important thing is ease of redemption. And the top 2021 Canadian cashback cards not only provide great rates, they compete with one another to provide the most convenient redemption experience to customers. Transparent, easy, lucrative.

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